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Ways to increase sales from your website using a CRM system

In this article, we will tell you what are the ways to increase sales using the CRM system and how to implement them in practice.

You will learn:

  • how to set up a sales funnel and not lose customers at each stage of interaction;
  • how to organize the work of the sales department and make it more effective;
  • how to facilitate and optimize the work of managers using the CRM functionality;
  • what is relationship marketing and how to use it based on existing customer data.

CRM implementation

In any growing and developing company, sooner or later the question of implementing a CRM system arises. When the number of employees, clients, contractors increases, the product line expands, additional communication channels appear – the usual record keeping in Excel tables and personal correspondence in messengers become simply impossible. But it is not only a matter of systematizing work processes, although CRM will certainly help in this. Building a sales funnel, automating and improving communication with customers, analyzing existing data for further optimization of work – these are the main advantages of using a CRM system to increase sales.

Thanks to the implementation of CRM, you will be able to:

  • reduce data collection time through automation
  • predict key indicators based on customer behavior
  • supervise and train sales managers more effectively
  • monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and, if necessary, improve them in a timely manner
  • store information about each client from different communication channels in one place.

Sales funnel development

Today, one of the main elements of establishing successful relationships with clients is a properly constructed sales funnel. Any deal consists of many stages, and each of these stages is important to control in order not to lose a potential buyer. At the same time, if you have several product categories or you work with different customer segments (for example, b2b and b2c customers), you will also have different sales funnels, each with its own logic and stages.

The sales funnel in CRM is a completely prescribed path of the customer from the moment of the incoming request to the purchase of the product and receipt of payment. By using the CRM system, we can automate part of the processes by setting up an autofunnel. What are the main advantages of such automation:

  • the number of errors that can occur due to the human factor is reduced
  • the speed of response and service to each client increases
  • small routine tasks are removed from employees, and thus time is freed up for the improvement of more global processes
  • the productivity of the sales force increases, resulting in more profit for the company.

For example, you see that after sending a commercial offer, most customers stop contacting you. The CRM system will not allow such contacts to get lost and will inform the responsible manager in time which customers need to be contacted again. Or, you can set up automatic notifications to potential buyers reminding them that your offer is about to expire.

This example clearly shows how CRM increases sales by reducing customer churn at every stage of the funnel. In the future, you will be able to analyze the performance of managers for any period, identify weak points and refine business processes.

Using sales scripts

It also happens that you have fine-tuned all the processes, set up the system, and clients still leave at some stage without completing the deal. Often the reason may be that managers are not sufficiently prepared for an important stage – personal communication. After all, it is in the course of a live conversation that we have the opportunity to identify the main “pains” of the client, close objections and attract him to us.

And this is where sales scripts come to the rescue, which are a kind of guide for conducting negotiations. They are developed based on the experience of previous communication, typical questions and objections that most often arise from customers, and include the best techniques of self-presentation. What is the CRM system for?

It is important to understand that even a simple script is a huge file with complex navigation, lots of links, cards and transitions. It is often very inconvenient to use it in practice, and it is almost impossible to learn everything by heart. In addition, if you need to make some minor changes to an existing script, you will, without exaggeration, have to redo almost the entire structure.

But you can get rid of all these inconveniences if you integrate scripts into the CRM system.

  1. Salespeople see all script logic in one window and thus learn much faster.
  2. Work becomes more convenient due to the prompter, because all the necessary information is already in front of your eyes.
  3. Visual statistics enable the manager to analyze each stage of the script more easily and quickly.
  4. If necessary, changes are made directly to CRM, and thanks to the prompter, it is much easier for managers to start working with a new script.

All this in a complex makes working with scripts much more convenient and efficient, and as a result guarantees an increase in the quality of sales with the help of CRM.

Monitoring of operational indicators

It is important for every manager to monitor both the financial and operational indicators of the company. After all, the profit you will get tomorrow depends on how your employees work. How to increase sales efficiency through the CRM system?

Summary reports allow you to analyze indicators for each employee and deal. Do you see how each of your managers is doing? Who closes more deals than planned and does it faster than others, and who falls out of the process and does not meet the sales plan? All of this information is easy to track with key reports that come with every CRM. We talked about this in more detail in our article “How to build the perfect dashboard?”

You can, of course, wait a month or two and see the result of the sales department’s work in the form of received (or not received) profit. But it is much better to monitor all operational indicators in real time and see in time which of the employees are underworking, which workload is optimal for them, track the average conversion and forecast the financial indicators of the company. With these consolidated reports, you can literally see the future.

Creation of a quality control department

Managers do not always work as they would like – sometimes because of a careless attitude to work, and sometimes simply because they do not see their mistakes from the outside. They do not respond to messages and calls on time, do not follow pre-approved scripts, do not sufficiently handle objections. Therefore, another example of how a CRM system can increase sales is the implementation of quality control.

It is needed primarily in order to find both personal and system errors, due to which you lose customers and as a result – money. And based on our experience, we can say that sales management and quality control are most effectively implemented using CRM.

Most often, the sales manager is the person who knows the product thoroughly, understands how each of his subordinates works and is directly involved in all processes. However, if he controls everything on his own, he will have to spend the whole working day on it. We offer to automate everything as much as possible using CRM:

  • integrate IP telephony and receive daily reports on call quality
  • analyze why some deals are closed as unsuccessful, even if the incoming lead was high-quality and promising
  • use data from CRM to evaluate the performance of managers
  • set a reminder to the sales department about the need to fill out customer cards in a timely manner and add a comment about each call.

You only need to determine the criteria for evaluating the quality of the managers’ work and enter all this data into the system, and then use CRM reports to analyze errors and quickly correct them.

Meetings with the sales department

For the head of the sales department, it is important not only to regularly monitor the work of his employees, but also to arrange meetings to discuss current issues. Here are just a few of the benefits of such meetings:

  • the manager always keeps his finger on the pulse and directs the work of the team in the right direction. The entire team has the opportunity to discuss the task in person and come to a joint solution that is best for everyone
  • if problems arise, they are promptly resolved. If one of the managers voices his problem, you will not only solve it at the initial stage, but you will also be able to prevent the emergence of similar difficulties for other employees.
  • everyone has the opportunity to share their experience, talk about a successful case or how they managed to solve a problem with a client. This is a great way for a manager to better see who works how, and for colleagues to implement best practices in their work
  • it helps the team to be more united, makes it clear to each employee that he is part of one big team.

In modern realities, when it happens that part of the team works from home or even from other countries, meetings can be held online. For this, you can use both standard programs for video conferences (Zoom, Google Meets) and built-in CRM functionality (for example, Zoho Meeting)

Using CRM marketing

We have already mentioned that, having received a new lead, it is important not to lose it and to carry it through all the stages of sales up to the order. And this is where companies definitely cannot do without CRM marketing, which is no longer aimed at attracting new customers, but at more effective work with existing ones. The basis of this model is the collection of personal data and their further use in building the company’s strategy.

By analyzing the data of your customers, the history of interaction with them, their needs, the best methods of communication, you can easily segment the audience. And in the future, for each segment, use more appropriate communication channels and set up personalized marketing campaigns.

So, for example, we managed to use segmentation to set up a customer interaction system for a large Georgian retailer LLC Alta Retail. Before that, all customer information was stored in internal databases and was not used for marketing activities. After implementing CRM-marketing based on the Creatio platform, the company was able to consolidate all information about customers, analyze it and, based on the received data, make advertising campaigns more effective.

By segmenting your lead database, online sales will increase as a CRM system can improve site conversion. This means that you will lead the client through the sales funnel faster and more efficiently and close the deal in a shorter time.


As you can see, just having a CRM system in the company is not enough for sales to soar by themselves. Software in this case is only an assistant. It is also important to understand that each company, as well as the processes in it, are unique, and what worked well for some may not give results for others. But we can definitely say that when you correctly configure and automate all company processes, you will be able to see how the CRM system affects sales in a short time. When managers have a clear work structure and timely control, and you use all customer data to build a positive user experience, this inevitably leads to more efficient work of the entire sales department and, as a result, to increased profits.

Implementation of a CRM system to increase sales from your website from crmium.com

CRMiUM is a multi-system integrator of CRM, ERP, HRM solutions with more than 7 years of experience. The main advantage of the company is that we do not come to you with one system, hoping to sell it. We have more than 10 different CRM systems in our arsenal, and we continue to look for new, best platforms that exist on the market today. This allows us to offer the perfect solution for each client, based on their requests, specifics of work and tasks. A team of specialists examines business processes, conducts a detailed audit and selects the CRM system that is optimal for your business.

By choosing CRMiUM, you get not just CRM integration, but a fully built system that will bring maximum results. Extensive experience working with companies in Ukraine and abroad allows us to confidently say that we know everything about CRM systems and can choose the best solution for any type of business. You can get acquainted with our clients and the results of working with them in the “Cases” section.

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