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There are many solutions in the CRM market
It is unclear which platform to choose in order not to overpay, but at the same time get all the necessary functions
We already had bad incidents with the contractors
Every 2nd entrepreneur has a bitter experience with the implementation: they did not deliver on time, they did not finish, they disappeared
Integrator CRM
It seems that the employees will raise a riot
Not all team members understand the value of a CRM system for business. It seems that they will protect their notebooks to the last
And still, without CRM, it's complete chaos
Despite the fact that it is scary to start CRM implementation, you realize that scaling is simply impossible without competent automation
Integrator CRM

CRM is not just a program, a project, a one-time action

In order to bring results for the same "software", you need to do a lot of work, which is convenient for many integrators to keep silent. We are convinced that CRM is a business function, not a project or software. In order to start bringing real benefits for CRM, the company must determine the owner of the system, implement a culture of work in CRM, processes for collecting wishes for the system and its constant modernization and development...

We believe in CRM as
a business function

We become long-term partners for our clients, we constantly develop and improve the business processes of companies with the help of IT solutions
Integrator CRM
Integrator CRM
How do they usually work with CRM?
How does CRMiUM work?
They come with a familiar solution and say: "We need to implement only this CRM". They promise that it will solve all the tasks set
We analyze the request, the specifics and the real tasks of the business. We select the optimal
CRM / EPR / HRM system among the most popular platforms
They implement "according to a template", ignoring the features of the client's processes. As a result, the customer gets a lot of unnecessary functions and important points are simply missed
We conduct a preliminary audit of business processes, we set priorities based on the real needs of the business
They allocate the nearest free team to the project, without thinking about whether this team has valuable experience for the client
Based on the tasks and points of growth, we select a team of experts with experience and the necessary expertise in your field
They write and demand to coordinate complex technical tasks in a language that is completely incomprehensible to the business customer
We are developing the implementation concept —
a document that describes the requirements for a CRM system in a clear language
They take a long time to configure the system, and when they finally show the result, it often does not meet expectations
During the setup process, we conduct intermediate demo shows of the system weekly. This allows you to quickly get feedback and avoid "expectations vs reality" memes
They rarely conduct high-quality training of company employees on working with CRM
We place special emphasis on user training. We record detailed video instructions
Even less often they are ready to accompany the launch and work with the resistance of the staff. They focus on technical system setup
We implement the solution comprehensively until all business processes are established, and employees fully work in CRM
System maintenance is usually the last priority. The team switches to new projects, and the development of the system becomes the task of the customer
We continue to develop the system. We are engaging our support department, which has one of the main KPIs - the reaction speed

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business processes in your company

    Our solutions for business

    Platform selection
    We help to select a CRM / ERP / HRM platform for those who are not versed in the IT solutions market and are afraid of making a mistake
    What is included:
    • We conduct interviews, clarify areas of concern and tasks
    • We clarify the features of your business processes
    • We analyze the collected information
    • We provide reasonable recommendations for the use of one or more CRM/ ERP / HRM platforms
    • We demonstrate the live operation of the systems that you are interested in
    We find growth points for improving the business processes of those who already use CRM
    What is included:
    • We conduct an audit of your business processes
    • We analyze the quality of your CRM settings
    • We recommend improvements to your CRM that will increase efficiency
    • We give recommendations on business processes, the platform, and solving current problems
    • We go beyond the CRM system, we give recommendations on the automation of your business in general
    Preparing processes for automation
    For companies that have a "mess" in their processes and there is a risk of getting automated chaos
    What is included:
    • We analyze the current processes
    • We identify non-optimal processes: duplication, "bottlenecks", slow stages, unnecessary documents and reports
    • We make recommendations for process optimization
    • We describe the processes for subsequent automation
    • We generate a set of KPIs for monitoring each process
    • We model reports and dashboards for process analysis
    Turnkey implementation
    For those who want to delegate the implementation to professionals and get a working CRM system
    What is included:
    • We divide the system setup into sprints (1-2 weeks)
    • We set up CRM and integration with other systems
    • Each sprint we demonstrate an intermediate result, make adjustments based on feedback
    • We conduct user training and record video instructions for working with CRM
    • We load the primary data for working in the system
    • We support the launch - we work with the objections of employees, make adjustments, advise
    Support and development
    For companies that want to constantly improve their processes
    What is included:
    • We assign a professional team of integrators to your CRM
    • We respond quickly to any request, as well as make suggestions for improving your CRM system ourselves
    • We constantly refine and optimize CRM so that your business gets the maximum benefit from the system
    • We monitor the new products of your CRM platform and implement them if necessary
    • We conduct additional training and update the instructions
    • We periodically conduct a full audit of the system, remove old unclaimed processes and recommend the introduction of new functions
    Outsourcing CRM Administrator
    Assistance to those companies that want perfect order and reliable analytics in CRM
    What is included:
    • We select a CRM administrator for your company
    • We train the administrator in all the subtleties of setting up your CRM system
    • Administrator:
      - monitors the quality of the CRM system management by employees
      - prepares reports from CRM, builds dashboards, extracts any information from CRM on request
      - adds and disables users, distributes access rights
      - advises employees on working in CRM, trains new ones
      - does many other benefits for the CRM system
    • The administrator has access to all the training programs of CRMiUM and to the consultations of highly qualified experts, due to this, he or she is constantly developing and has up-to-date knowledge

    If you want to grow many times faster than your competitors and are ready for fruitful work

    Leave a request — we will discuss all the details and benefits at the meeting



      Perhaps the only CRM experts who want to establish
      your company's business processes more than you do.
      Let it sound trite, but our main value is the team!
      Most of the employees of CRMiUM are trained from scratch inside the company, and the entire top management is grown up from ordinary employees
      Integrator CRM
      years in the market of CRM implementation and consulting
      successfully launched projects
      experts in the team



      Pavlo Yakovenko
      Managing Partner
      Automation is what distinguishes market leaders from outsiders!
      Rodion Dovzhenko
      Managing Partner
      We perform complex tasks immediately, impossible ones require a little more time!
      Yana Syrotiuk
      Chief Operating Officer
      Don't sell a service, solve the client's problem and he will pay for your expertise!
      Serhii Zhytkov
      Regional Manager
      There is no perfect CRM, there is a perfect solution!
      Mykola Troianchuk
      Regional Manager
      CRM helps develop partnerships and creates new collaboration opportunities.
      Maksym Danyshevskyi
      Chief Financial Officer
      Precision is the politeness of kings!
      Andrii Teterin
      Head of Zoho Practice
      CRM implementation is a strategic decision, an investment in the future success of your company!
      Eugen Zagoruiko
      Head of Odoo Practice
      I don't like to limit myself in anything, so I'm implementing Odoo!
      Tetiana Zhyhach
      Head of Creatio Practice
      Creatio is about technological effectiveness and the beauty of solution!
      Viktoriia Zinchenko
      Head of Internal Project Office
      Optimization of internal processes is a key tool in creating a company's symphony of success.
      Dmytro Zahorulko
      Technical Lead
      There are no unsolvable tasks, there is little time for research!
      Illia Astakhov
      Head of Pipedrive, NetHunt, HubSot Practice
      Implementation should be fast and efficient!

      And 30+ more CRM experts ...

      CRMiUM is not just a technical contractor

      We work with the business for a long time and become partners. We help you choose the optimal system, select an experienced team, work comprehensively on the goals of your business and take responsibility for the result.

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