Low-code platform allowing companies of all sizes to arrange their workflows
Creatio CRM
A single platform for automating workflows based on no-code technologies. The system offers a huge number of ready-made modules for different industries, while allowing you to implement the necessary customization with almost no restrictions.


Marketing Creatio
Automation of marketing campaigns at all stages of interaction with the client. Marketing Creatio allows you to manage leads and increase their effectiveness
Sales Creatio
Professional sales management: from lead to repeat orders. Sales Creatio gathers all types of sales in one environment and provides proven technologies to streamline processes and improve customer experience
Service Creatio
Optimization of internal and external services in different communication channels. With the help of Service Creatio, the quality of IT services is increased, service processes are accelerated and continuous interaction is ensured.
Studio Creatio
Creation of applications in one click and organization of management of the entire system. Based on the low-code Studio Creatio platform, it is possible to automate unique processes of any complexity
Portal Creatio
Organization of external and internal communications of the company at all levels. Portal Creatio allows you to create a single information system with clients and partners


who want to automate not individual tasks, but entire business processes
and encounter platform limitations during implementation
who plans to seriously load the system: a large number of users, data, transactions
to conduct all processes of interaction with customers in a single system: marketing activity, sales and service
that require clear regulation and automation
who want to quickly make changes to their business processes through the use of a low-code platform

Achievements and awards

TrustRadius Top Rated 2022
G2 Leader Fall 2022
Evernest Best CRM Software 2022
KMWorld Trend Setting Products 2022
Market Leader 2022
Top 10 in Three Low-Code Development 2022
Company of the Year by Stevie® Awards 2022

CRMiUM is the official partner of Creatio

solutions for business from CRMiUM

Platform selection
We help to select a CRM / ERP / HRM platform for those who are not versed in the IT solutions market and are afraid of making a mistake
What is included:
  • We conduct interviews, clarify areas of concern and tasks
  • We clarify the features of your business processes
  • We analyze the collected information
  • We provide reasonable recommendations for using Creatio or another CRM/ ERP / HRM platforms if it is more suitable
  • We demonstrate the live operation of the systems that you are interested in
Creatio Audit
We find growth points for improving the business processes of those who already use CRM
What is included:
  • We conduct an audit of your business processes
  • We analyze the quality of your CRM settings
  • We recommend improvements to your CRM that will increase efficiency
  • We give recommendations on business processes, the platform, and solving current problems
  • We go beyond the CRM system, we give recommendations on the automation of your business in general
Preparing processes for automation
For companies that have a "mess" in their processes and there is a risk of getting automated chaos
What is included:
  • We analyze the current processes
  • We identify non-optimal processes: duplication, "bottlenecks", slow stages, unnecessary documents and reports
  • We make recommendations for process optimization
  • We describe the processes for subsequent automation
  • We generate a set of KPIs for monitoring each process
  • We model reports and dashboards for process analysis
Turnkey Creatio implementation
For those who want to delegate the implementation to professionals and get a working CRM system
What is included:
  • We divide the system setup into sprints (1-2 weeks)
  • We set up Creatio and integration with other systems
  • Each sprint we demonstrate an intermediate result, make adjustments based on feedback
  • We conduct user training and record video instructions for working with Creatio
  • We load the primary data for working in the system
  • We support the launch - we work with the objections of employees, make adjustments, advise
Support and development of Creatio
For companies that want to constantly improve their processes
What is included:
  • We assign a professional team of integrators to your CRM that specializes in implementing Creatio
  • We respond quickly to any request, as well as make suggestions for improving your CRM system ourselves
  • We constantly refine and optimize CRM so that your business gets the maximum benefit from the system
  • We monitor the new products of Creatio and implement them if necessary
  • We conduct additional training and update the instructions
  • We periodically conduct a full audit of the system, remove old unclaimed processes and recommend the introduction of new functions
Outsourcing Creatio Administrator
Assistance those companies that have already implemented Creatio and want the system to have perfect order and reliable analytics
What is included:
  • We select a CRM administrator for your company
  • We train the administrator in all the subtleties of setting up Creatio
  • Administrator:
    - monitors the quality of the CRM system management by employees
    - prepares reports from CRM, builds dashboards, extracts any information from CRM on request
    - adds and disables users, distributes access rights
    - advises employees on working in CRM, trains new ones
    - does many other benefits for the CRM system
  • The administrator has access to all the training programs of CRMiUM and to the consultations of highly qualified experts that specialize on Creatio, due to this, he or she is constantly developing and has up-to-date knowledge

stages of work

on the implementation of

Business audit
We analyze the company's business processes, give recommendations on setting up CRM and automating the business entirely
We set up a CRM system, interface and, if necessary, additional applications in stages
We implement CRM, integrating it with other systems, and upload the data necessary for work
We train users to work in CRM, record ready-made videos and conduct consultations
We fully accompany you at all stages of implementation, with subsequent technical support and process optimization

Our cases
of implementation Creatio

LLC Alta Retail

We opened up new opportunities by integrating a customer interaction system for a large retailer in Georgia


We implemented a painless “move” from the system of Russian origin to the Ukrainian one for an online school

Big Money

Automated sales of events and courses in the largest educational project for entrepreneurs in Ukraine

Coffee Group

We helped a company that supplies coffee and related goods to offices to build a great service!


Optimized HR processes in the software development company


Automated sales for an IT company from the rating “The Global Outsourcing 100”

Our customers
are satisfied

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CRMiUM are business automation monsters!
The best of all I know. They have two main advantages: the ability to quickly produce results and the best Zoho CRM platform. I have repeatedly recommended the guys to other entrepreneurs and received only gratitude in return. And they also make super-dashboards by which I control the situation in the sales department faster!
Andriy Pivovarov
Co-Founder "Соль", "GoIT", "GoITeens"
Well done guys! Working with them is a pleasure!
Clear, attentive, pleasant. And I'm not even talking about the quality of the solution they provide. I studied the existing offers on the market for a long time before giving my preference to someone. I chose them and have no regrets. Thank you for your work! I recommend to all!
Olga Yarkho
Founder of event agency "Mmedia"
I recommend an excellent team of integrators
For high-quality interaction and very fast communication always. We implemented and set up Zoho Analytics and Zoho People for several countries. What I like most about the interaction is that they don’t let me make a mistake in the requirements and always tell me where and why something won’t work, and how it needs to be done to make it work.
Egor Kilimnyuk
People Operations Specialist in "the Guide"
Thanks to CRMiUM company for help
Although Innovecs is not a simple client, with a huge number of interconnected and constantly changing processes, the CRMium team is always ready to listen to the most daring ideas, suggest a technical solution and bring it to implementation. Our joint brainstorms bring great pleasure!
Nataliya Zub
Head of Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics in Innovecs
One of the most positive experiences of interaction with a Ukrainian company
I worked with Crmium on a small but very specific project that I couldn't figure out on my own and so other companies. In addition to deep professional expertise, I can note a clear and responsive client service. If there are still questions about Zoho, then I will definitely not waste time - I will immediately turn to Crmium.
Oleksandr Zdrok
Head of the IT Academy in "Fozzy Group"
Professionalism, maximum support and human approach!
The guys listened in detail to all the comments and wishes, proposed solutions according to the budget and implemented the CPM setup in the shortest possible time, even faster than we expected. I want to note the professionalism and flexibility of the approach. Your wishes, as a simple client, will be listened to, understood and implemented!
Ihor Sandik
Coach in "Power of Sales"

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    What is Creatio CRM?

    Creatio is a CRM system whose technologies help to automate and accelerate the full sales cycle: from the first marketing activity, lead generation to repeat orders with the ability to conduct customer service. Creatio is based on a powerful low-code/no-code platform that provides custom tools for building, automating and optimizing full-cycle sales processes. Ranked #1 in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Best Sales Management Solutions.

    For what purposes is Creatio CRM best suited?

    The system combines three modules: a set of tools for marketing automation, a section for managing sales (including short orders and large corporate transactions, a single service and contact center). Creatio integration allows you to increase the loyalty of the client audience through fast, high-quality service, build personal communications with customers in a single window.

    How is Creatio different from competitors?

    Key Benefits:

    • package solutions throughout the entire Customer Journey cycle, from the stage of getting to know the brand to closing a deal, fulfilling an order and servicing;
    • the ability to customize business processes of any complexity and branching through the use of built-in tools;
    • building multi-stage sales funnels;
    • detailed analytics and planning;
    • the ability to deploy a CRM system in the cloud, on client servers.

    Implementation of Creatio CRM automates all major business processes and improves the work of marketing, sales and service departments. This is a universal low-code platform that allows you to create unique IT solutions that are maximally optimized for specific tasks and types of business.

    Creatio CRM is the best option for large and medium-sized companies. It is modular, which allows you to implement only those features and capabilities that your business really needs. The system is included in the top 10 best CRM in the world. She regularly receives prestigious awards and prizes at various competitions, and also has thousands of positive reviews from analytical and professional agencies.

    Advantages of Creatio CRM

    The advantages of this system include:

    1. Affordable price. The subscription fee for use is significantly lower than other analogues.
    2. Working principle based on Low-code and No-code. This makes it much easier to implement Creatio CRM than other systems. In the future, functions can be expanded without the involvement of expensive specialists.
    3. Modern architecture. It supports vertical and horizontal scaling, built on the principles of microservices.
    4. Ability to integrate with an existing website, online store, telephony, various payment systems, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.
    5. The presence of an open API for the possibility of integration with various systems.

    This is a completely open platform that can be customized to fit the needs of the enterprise.

    Also, the advantages of Creatio CRM include the presence of built-in advanced analytical tools, the ability to fully automate sales with control over efficiency at each stage, a single customer base and multi-channel marketing.

    Why you should contact us

    If you are interested in the integration of the Creatio installation in Ukraine or any other country, then you should contact CRMiUM. We are engaged in the implementation of this software, its fine tuning for the specifics of your business, staff training and subsequent technical support.

    The work is carried out in several stages with detailed reporting and demonstration of the results achieved. It is mandatory to take into account the nuances of the company, its business processes, features, etc., which allows you to configure the system as efficiently as possible. We have rich experience as integrators, we employ real professionals who are well versed in all the intricacies of business and CRM.

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