Distribution of disposable medical devices
How did it all begin?
  • Regional managers used to work in Excel spreadsheets, the back office worked in 1C
  • There was a need to create a single space for the work of regional managers
  • There was no unified client database
  • The work of regional managers was impossible to control, each manager worked in his own spreadsheet, the head of the sales department could not collect all the data together
  • There was no single channel of communication
  • Difficulties with the formation of a commercial proposal were frequently encountered
What was implemented?
Implemented integration with 1C and three websites
  • Made integration with 1C
  • Collected and segmented the entire client base from 1C and Excel spreadsheets
  • A sales pipeline for regional managers was set up, within which work with clients is carried out
  • The CRM system was integrated with Email
  • We set up a module for generating a commercial proposal for regional managers, which made it possible to create the offer in one click
  • Synchronised the stock list, so managers always have information about planned receipts and goods in stock
  • Created an opportunity to analyse the manager's work

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