Wholesale of fabrics for the manufacture of home textiles.
More than 7 million meters of fabrics are sold annually.
How did it all begin?
  • The joint client base was missing, the data was stored in various sources, such as 1C and Google Sheets
  • Communication channels with customers were not combined into one system, some appeals could be lost
  • It was necessary to control the balances of goods (in meters and rolls) in a network of five stores
  • A single system was needed to automate the work of the whole company for customer management in a single database and their segmentation, work in a single system with 5 stores, goods balances in meters and rolls
What was implemented?
RetailCRM, Integration with 1C in real time
  • Implemented integration with Email, chat on the website, Viber, Telegram, Instagram
  • Set up 3 different sales pipelines
  • Integrated CRM with Nova Poshta Delivery - delivery form generation, parcel status tracking, recipient notification
  • We set up the process of receiving all orders from the site, taking into account advertising channels
  • Implemented the transfer of information to the customer's personal account about his/her purchases
  • Set up a loyalty program
  • Regular exchange of nomenclature and residues with 1C and CMS was automated
  • The work is carried out in a single system for the sales department, through all communication channels
  • Decisions are made based on key reports
  • Time saving by automating routine processes (residue checking, autostart in production, customer notifications, end-to-end analytics)

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