«Coffee Group»
One of the leading companies providing offices with coffee, coffee machines and related products
How did it all begin?
  • Managers accepted orders in Google Sheets, each maintaining its own separate customer base, without a single format and process
  • A lot of resale just didn't happen. The client was simply forgotten, and Google Sheets could not help to remind about the client
  • Sales managers spent more than half of their time keeping records of sales, communicating with accounting and service. There was a catastrophic lack of time to communicate with clients
  • Sales management was carried out on the pure intuition of the owner, without reliable figures
  • The owner of the company set a task to turn the current chaos into a conveyor that can be scaled!
What was implemented?
Zoho CRM + Zoho Analytics + Zoho Social
Implemented complex CRM integration with 1C
  • The sales process based on Zoho CRM has been completely digitized
  • Set up an automatic resale process, managers now never forget to reorder
  • Automate internal processes and configure integration with 1C in such a way that managers no longer need to transfer information, just fix it in CRM
  • A set of dashboards and reports has been set up, on the basis of which the daily sales process is currently managed

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