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How did it all begin?
  • Bitrix24 was used on the client side before implementation
  • Desire to switch from Russian software
  • What tasks/goals were set during the implementation:
    - Completely transfer all processes configured on the Bitrix24 side and get more advanced analytics thanks to Creatio tools
    - Implement integration with landing pages to receive new requests
    - Connect telephony to enable make incoming and outgoing calls
    - Setting up communication channels with the client via Viber
What was implemented?
All system settings were made using low-code technologies

Application Features:
It was important for the client to get integration with Viber. Since the business is small, it was not practical to buy advanced marketplace functionality. The proposed alternative is to set up the integration via Wepster. In terms of cost, the solution turned out to be much cheaper, while covering the main business tasks of the client.
  • The processes for processing and supporting customer applications for training are fully configured. Ringostat telephony is connected. Connected service for messaging via Viber. Historical data was fully transferred to the new environment, which allowed the client to rebuild and work in the new CRM in one day.

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