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How did it all begin?
  • Despite the already large and international sales department, the work was carried out in Google Sheets
  • Each manager worked accordingly to their own algorithm, there was no standardised process
  • Presale managers did not have a clear automated process for qualifying a lead. For this reason, sales managers often received inappropriate clients
  • In the process of selling IT services, there is a lot of communication with the HR department of the company. All communications took place via mail and were unstructured
  • The documents related to the deal were "scattered" across Google accounts and mail
  • Sales analytics were collected exclusively in manual mode and were lagging
What was implemented?
Zoho CRM + Zoho Analytics + Zoho Sign
  • Collected all processes in a single CRM system: from searching for cold leads to project support and issuing regular invoices
  • Standardised sales processes, made it mandatory to fill in a specific set of data at each stage of the sale process, which guaranteed high-quality analytics
  • We implemented complex integration with the recruiting automation system and the personnel management system. It created the possibility to structure the exchange of information with the HR department and minimise email correspondence
  • Automated collecting of all project documents in the deal card, created a single repository of all relevant documents in CRM
  • Customized dashboards and reports, which are now used during sales planning meetings

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